Top Tourist Destinations in The Green State of America


New Jersey is known as the wealthiest state of United States. It has a great number of tourist attractions. Being an hours’ distance from New York, New Jersey has become the most visited state. Beautiful greenery can found in the Green State with large number of Flora and Fauna; some of which are very rare. New Jersey is known to

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A Blend Of Excitement And Thrill In Kakadu National Park, Australia


Get your Australian Visa ready because you’re about to enjoy the most exciting and thrilling experience in Kakadu National park, Australia. Kakadu is not your ordinary national park; it is actually more than a park. It offers you a chance to enjoy a range of exciting activities and rich world’s heritage. The park caters for all age groups and market

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Hello world!

Welcome to Three Lakes Attorney This site is going to be all about traveling and everyone’s hilarious experiences. Hoping you all enjoy reading blogs and share your experiences with me. Feel free to shoot me mails through contact page. “I’m always open for unique and classy guest posts”.    

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